Metal engraving and cutting lasers (Fiber, Yag and Vanadite)

An introduction to various methods of metal cutting

For cutting metals, various methods such as laser cutting, waterjet cutting, air cutting, plasma cutting, cutting with cutting blades and etc. can be used. Laser cutting is used in cases where the user wants to cut metals with a low thickness (usually less than 8 mm) and also when the desired tolerance is low or in other words, the cutting accuracy is high. Of course, there are laser devices that can cut steel up to a few centimeters, but their use is not common due to their high purchase costs and high electrical power consumption.

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Laser applications in metal engraving and cutting

Laser cutting has many applications in producing metal artifacts such as goldsmithing, logo engraving on decorative products and equipment. In this article, these applications are categorized and explained with a photo.

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What is laser cutting, what are its advantages and where do we need it?

Laser cutting is a technology in which laser beams are used for cutting and engraving on fabrics, papers, metals, woods, etc. It is widely used in industry. Laser cutting machines work by focusing the output beam of a powerful laser on the materials. Industrial lasers are used in various industries such as military, construction, aerospace, medicine, laboratory and research, communications, physics, chemistry and etc.

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All kinds of engraving lasers and metal cutting lasers

In general, industrial engraving and cutting lasers are divided into two categories based on the application type: metal lasers and non-metal lasers.

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What are the characteristics of a good metal engraving and cutting laser?

A good engraving and cutting laser must have special optical capabilities to remove the pleat behind the material, not deform the material due to heating and greatly reduce the work deficit. These capabilities will be mentioned in this article.

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